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Capital Advance Strategies Corporation
We find new and innovative ways for business to add to their bottom line.

Capital Advance Strategies Corporation is looking to partner with CPA's and Small Business Owners around the country. We provide services that can impact the bottom line of your business.

Capital Advance Strategies Corporation is looking to partner with CPA's around the country.

if you provide accounting services to business owners? .. We work with two tax attorneys who set up employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) at no net cost to the business owner.  This a great way for CPA's to increase your bottom line without additional cost or workload. The primary reason is, that commissions are far greater than any accounting service you can provide. Plus a great service to offer to your clients. The tax season is over this is a great way to increase your bottom line by 5k or more per client.

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Capital Advance Strategies Corporation mission is to help small business's get the Credit and Funding needed to have a profitable year. As a small business owner we understand how hard it can be to obtain new funding and credit to expand your business. We help business owners to access money in order to grow their business whether you are a new "stratup" business, an existing business, have good or bad personal credit.

  • 400 Direct Lenders
  • 2100 Lender Options
  • 30 Core Funding Products 
  • 25,000 Funding Programs

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